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  "Paruni sakuskataldrik"(pickles, salad from salted mushrooms, smoked ham) 4,50€
  Salad from smoked fish on fried white bread 2,50€
  Miss manor’s light salad with chicken 3,50€
  Warm salad: german type potato salad 3,50€
  Garlic bread with sauce 3,50€
  Ham rolls with cheese and horseradish filling 3,50€
  Creamy Kassari forest mushroom soup 3€
  Mister manor’s soup. Beet soup with lamb meatballs 3€
Main courses *
  "Loom rukkis" with cauliflower and grilled vegetables 10€
  "Hiiu lammas köögiviljaaias" with cabbage and turnip 10€
  "Jänes õunte kallal" with marinated pumpkin and apple-cowberry jam 10€
  "Siga kapsas" in an old- fashioned way, with sweet- sour cabbage and baked potatoes 8€
  "Metsanotsu seenel" potatoes with herbs, grilled tomato and cowberry jam 8€
  "Tuline tibu tallis" with potatoes stewed in whipped cream and grilled carrots 7€
  Apple pancakes with thyme creme 2,80€
  Cake "Kohmakas vanaproua" 1,50...2,50€
  Grannies "kama" foam with cranberry syrup 2,50€
  Rye flour "kama" roll with whipped cream 2,50€
  Miss manor sweet 2,50€
  *Main course waiting time up to 30 minutes.
We offer our homemade breads and white bread!