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Hiiumaa – "Dagaithi" according to the Nordic sagas – emerged from the Baltic Sea as a small islet more than 10,000 years ago. The island of Hiiumaa was first mentioned in historical documents as a deserted island called Dageida in 1228. The first inhabitants settled down at the end of the 13th century. In Estonia, Hiiumaa is also known as an island of legends.

Here is one about how Hiiumaa got its co-island Kassari:

Once upon a time there was an un-named island near Hiiumaa. The autumn storms started to drive it away, out of the bay. Then the people of Hiiumaa harnessed the oxen to the island and pulled it back. They fixed the island firmly and started to call it ‘Kaas-saar’ (which means co-island), the name has changed into ‘Kassari’ by now.

Kassari manor was established in the 18th century and belonged to the von Stackelbergs. The stable was built in 1843. The new history of the stable building started in 1996 when it was rebuilt into an old-style inn. Today there is the main dining room for 62 visitors and so-called ‘gentry room’ with a fireplace and seats for up to 38 people. In addition to the variety of local, national and international dishes we offer accommodation, sauna, entertainment and right here smoked fish.

We want to revive and keep Estonian national traditions and national food.