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Something completely DIFFERENT!

There are 10 timber barrel-houses in a large apple orchard. The house is as usual – a door, a window, a store room for baggage, a small table, shelves, 2 beds… but – it is round! But it does not roll!

And you can easily make of these two beds a family bed even for 3 – 4 people!

Can’t believe it – why don’t you come and have a look!

There is also:
- a shower, toilet
- Totally for up to 20 + 10 people


Accommodation in apartment (3 rooms)‚Äč:
4 to 5 people 100€. Extra bed 20€. Does not include breakfast. It is possible to order breakfast to aprtment, prize 10€ for one person; in tavern 5€ for one person.

We also provide:

  • Camping site for tents (sorry, you have to have the tent of your own)
  • Caravan space for 5 caravans
  • Grills and smoke-dry ovens
  • Volleyball court
  • Fireplaces
  • Playgrounds, swings for children…etc